About Us


“Education is the chief defence of a nation..... Burke”.

There are innumerable benefits which god conveys to us through the channel of opportunities and blessing so that it might well be said “What are turned afflictions in the language of men are in the languages of god styled blessings. Let us do good into all men; good of every kind and in very degree let us adopt benevolence and compassion in life.

"Mind throughout my life be shown, While listening to the wretches cry, On mercy’s wings I swiftly fly, The destitute to relieve, All myself worldly joys are less’ That one joy of doing kindles."

Today we should have only one slogan and that should be let us being one let us be congresses and let us march forward. My message to you all my students is that on no accounts should we forget our goal of acquiring learning and acknowledge the objective fir which we are learning in the institute. We should not veer from our objective and make all efforts to crown us with glory in our students preach with this we would like to wish you all a very bright future.